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     Follow these pages and you will cover over 45 years of motorcycling as I have experienced it!    I started riding at the age of 6.  I celebrated my 54th birthday in January 2014 and haven't been without a bike to ride since I started.   I spent 7 years in the Marines.  Four of those years were spent in mainland Japan at a small Marine airbase called Iwakuni.  While in Japan I rode about 40,000 miles and covered all 7 main islands on a Harley Sportster.   I have traversed America over a dozen times and Canada 3 times.  I have also made a few forays into Mexico.  My lifetime total is  over 600,000 miles traveled on motorcycles and I'm hoping to live to see a million! I would like to think my life experiences with bikes is typical. Those who ride know that describing the experiences to those who do not ride is difficult, if not impossible. The purpose of these pages is to try an relate that experience with pictures and stories so if you ride some or all of this will be familiar and if you don't it may help you understand what riding is all about.

    The pictures are in chronological order. I tried to segment my riding in order to make some sense of things.  Each page will have thumbnails that will lead you to another page with a story for that picture. Using the next hyperlink will lead you through almost every page.

Early Days 66-80        The Japan Years 81-85       You traded a Harley for that!    

 Lean Years 86-89        BMW Days 90-92    Golden Years 93-99   

 Bound to Happen  MILESTONES           Bye to an old Friend!    

 Back in the Saddle 01-04                 3 Strikes your out?!? 05-07

Full Circle

So relax, take your time and I hope you find something of interest here!


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These pages dedicated to the millions of people around the world who share the feeling of freedom riding a motorcycle gives!  Anyone from anywhere who has pictures of thier riding experiences they want to share please email them to me I'll try to include them on my site in the future.